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" Brad Worthley makes the strongest case yet that ADD is a Gift, not a Disorder. "His irresistible enthusiasm leaps off the page." He is persuaded that it is the school that should change and accommodate the creative "outside the box" type of brain, and he offers practical solutions for how to do that."This book offers specific recommendations for managing the negative self-talk which may have cropped up after years of frustrating experiences and negative feedback, and incorporates intimate first-person perspectives of living with the challenges and delights of the ADD spirit. "

David D. Nowell, PhD - Licensed Psychologist - Clinical Neuropsychologist

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  1. "A.D.D. is a Gift, Not a Disorder" 181 Page Book
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" The most striking feature of Brad Worthley's book, "ADD is a Gift, Not a Disorder" is the passion, conviction and joy of the author. Brad really LOVES having ADD, and this is an important message for parents of ADD kids or for ADD-ers themselves. Instead of preaching doom and gloom or individuals to accept a level of defeat, Brad Worthley highlights, with stories from his own life and the lives of others, the fearlessness, creativity, and passion of those of us who are "gifted" with ADD. This book will give hope and optimism to families and it will reassure and encourage those adults who haven't yet found their drive or purpose. Enjoy! You will come away happy to be so awesome! "

Margit Crane, M.A., M.S., M.Ed. - Award-Winning Author, Educator, and Game Changer